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Projects continue to roll in for Little Environments, in a number of disciplines. Use the carousel below to view the types of services we provide and see additional photos. 

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Around the world, it has been found that community consultation is the key to the ultimate success of a project. Putting technical aspects aside, a projects inception and implementation can be a success, but if poor rapport is established with the local community, the project can prove more costly in the long run. Community consultation, through simple communication of complicated projects, limits liability, promotes the owner in the market place, and strengthens communities. 

Little Environments takes community goodwill very seriously. We will consult with your local community to promote project success. Above and beyond the technical services we provide, community outreach and establishing a good rapport with the community is a strength we are proud to promote.

A Note About Project Management:

Offering turnkey services is one of Little Environments best value services. Our professionalism and good ethics allow for accelerated project timelines and quality results. In turnkey projects, information is retained and used throughout the entirety of the project to reduces project costs and ensure success.

In the coastal environment, where conditions are highly variable from day to day, the benefits of streamlining a project are magnified as necessary contingencies are reduced. The breadth and depth of experience on the Little Environments team caters to superior project flexibility, prompt attention to unexpected problems, and an overall positive project experience from inception to close out.